The Eskelson Gang

The Eskelson Gang

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This is Mary. She will be 3 in May and loves life. She brings so much joy to us and her smile is very contagious. She loves the camera and that is why I think she would make a great Picture Perfect Princess!

The dress that she would look so cute in is

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life is Great!!

Things are going good here. We are definitely on the countdown until little Jeffrey joins our family. We have it scheduled for Dec. 4th. It is fast approaching. We are very excited! Mary and JD talk about it everyday about when baby Jeffrey comes to our house. I know they will be 2 great helpers.
The snow has come but it waited quite awhile to arrive. But with days like today it doesn't bother me. It may be really cold out but the blue of the sky and the sun shining is great. We definitely are blessed to live in this valley!
JD has been fighting a wonderful stomach virus and I am definitely ready for it to be over. Mary is just loving life. The kids are so much fun even though some days are better than others. I love them so much.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Over Heated, Camping and a Blow Out

This weekend was very eventful for us. We left Friday to go camping with my sister and her husband, my parents and lots of friends. We went to a place called Lake Hegben. It is outside of West Yellowstone. We were going along just find on the dirt road when we noticed our car starting to heat up. So we kept thinking we are almost there but finally we just had to pull off because the car got to hot. We put our necessities into my parents car and left ours to cool off. The radiator fan(some fan) went out and we found out that we were only 50 yards from camp. Well, we got to camp and set up tent so we weren't doing this in the dark. Then, my dad and Johnny went back to get our car just to have down at camp. We had fajitas for dinner that night and the kids absolutely loved being outside.

I was worried all night that my kids were going to get cold but they were fine it was me who froze! The next morning we woke up and had french toast and bacon and hot chocolate. It was so good. The kids just played. JD talked someone into making him a bow and arrow. Which he will not let out of his sight. He loves that thing. Mary collected sticks with Grandma and put them in a pile. It is so fun to see how simple things in life can be so much fun for the little ones. We went 4-wheeling, on a boat ride and just hung around camp. The weather looked like it was changing very quickly and I wasn't to thrilled about the fact to camp in the rain. So, we ended up tearing down our camp and then just sitting around chatting, riding the kayaks and more 4-wheeling. Around 4 o'clock it started to sprinkle so we decided that we should probably take off so we could get home at a decent time.
We were off and as long as we kept our speed up the car would not heat up so it did fine on the highway and we just wanted to try and get home because we didn't want to be stuck in West Yellowstone. We were trying to decide what we wanted for dinner and had decided that we would just stop at the drive-in for some Gladys burgers and spicy fries. We were heading from Ashton almost to Felt when the car started to shake funny. Johnny slowed down and stopped and we had blew out our back tire. Yeah. Here we were on the side of the highway with 2 kids that were ready to be home and a blowout. Our car was packed with all the camping stuff so we unloaded on the side of the road and set the camp chairs up for the kids while Johnny started to change the tire. We were on a little of an incline so the first 2 tries the car would not stay on the jack. I started frantically calling people we knew to see if they could come help. I got a hold of someone and he was on his way. Johnny was finally able to get the car to stay on the jack and got the donut on. We loaded the car back up and were on our way slowly. We called our friend and met him in Felt. He brought his air compressor thank goodness because our spare was not that full so he filled it up and followed us home. I am so grateful that we have friends that we can call in a time of need and they would drop what they were doing to come help. Trust me I was to my limit. And with all the hormones I was kinda emotional. You know when everything jsut piles up and the kids are done and then one more thing has to happen. I was ready to be home and go to bed. We finally got home around 7:45 so I gave the kids baths, made them sandwiches for lunch and put them to bed. I took a very long shower that night and I am glad that it is over and we made it home safely.
We did have a lot of fun camping especially the kids since this was their first time camping. I told Johnny I would love to go camping more since the kids did so well and we just had so much fun with family and friends.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's A .....

BOY!!!!!! For sure no doubt about it. He was letting it all show in the ultrasound. Everything looked really good. We are very excited!! JD is very happy he is going to have a brother. Mary doesn't quite get the whole thing yet.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally It Let me Back On

So, I have been trying to update for a while now but for some reason it wouldn't let me on. Now I am on so the past couple of weeks have been fun. We hung around here for the 4th of July and did the Victor thing. The kids loved it. Later that day we went up to the Spud where they had a monster truck you could ride. So, Johnny, JD, Mary, my parents, my brother and his kids went on it. JD and Mary absolutely loved it and had a great time. From the ground I was scared to death because it was a crazy ride and I just kept thinking please don't tip. We watched the fireworks that night from my parents house. It was so much fun being with family.
Then this past Saturday we went to Pinedale for the Mountain Man parade and festivities. It was a lot of fun. Mary was definitely done when we got back in the car.
The pregnancy is going good and will go in a few weeks for the 20 week checkup. So we will see.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It feels like I am back in Seattle

I liked Seattle while we lived there but the rain and clouds get to you after awhile. Today totally feels like a winter day in Seattle. The nice thing is that everything is green and we don't have to worry about watering. But all my pretty tulips I hope they make it through.
We also started potty training yesterday. Mary is doing very good. One accident yesterday and one today but do really well. She loves her big girl panties. I just had to put my mind to it that she needed to be potty trained. Ready for the diaper bill to go away at least for a little bit.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Snow in June

We were sitting here watching tv and I looked out the window and it was snowing. Are you kidding? Oh well! I have gotten on here and looked at a lot of peoples blog and think they are so fun. Hopefully one of these days summer will start. The kids are definitely ready to be outside all the time.